InnoTrans 2012, Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Join SABIC at the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology in Berlin, from 18 – 21 September 2012. InnoTrans has become established as an international industry showplace focusing on Railway Technology. A full range of rail vehicles are presented in static displays on the Messe Berlin tracks located outside the exhibition halls. Other key InnoTrans features include Railway Infrastructure, Interiors, Public Transport and Tunnel Construction.


SABIC and the Railway Transport Industry

SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business unit offers high-performance engineering thermoplastic resin, sheet, foam and composite solutions that can help railway interior customers meet the critical challenges of meeting current and upcoming railway regulations, durability and anti-vandalism protection and improved aesthetics. These innovative products, together with the company’s extended local services can help global railway OEMs and convertors meet tough safety regulations; reduce overall system costs; and enhance safety and comfort of the cabin environment.


Ultem™ R16SG29 sheet is based on SABIC’s polyetherimide (PEI) resin and features inherent flame retardancy and low smoke emission. It complies with the new EN45545 norm at the highest level (Hazard Level 3) for R1 applications (Requirements for interior components) across all four occupational categories at 3mm. Ultem R16SG29 sheet delivers excellent impact resistance and chemical resistance for easy cleaning, anti-graffiti performance and long useful life.


Lexan™ F6000 sheet, which can be custom colored, delivers exceptional color and texture retention after thermoforming and provides durability for the demanding public rail environment. The material complies with railway fire protection requirements: DIN5510 Part 2 S4R2ST2 at 4mm and flame retardance according to ASTM E162, and low smoke (ASTM E662) and toxicity (BSS 7239 and SMP 800 C) performance. Available in variety of colors, Lexan F6000 sheet can eliminate the need for secondary operations such as painting and sanding; thermoforming does not require gluing or hand work; and the material does not need a curing step. Because Lexan F6000 sheet is approximately 30 percent lighter than traditional SMC, window frames for railway carriages made with the resin can potentially contribute to fuel conservation.


Lexan™ H6000 sheet is a high-modulus polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (PC/ABS) product that meets the French NF F 16-101 M1, F2 rating at 2mm, German DIN 5510 Part 2 S4-SR2-ST2 norms at 3mm, UL94 V0 at 1.5mm and complies with the Polish norms for side wall and ceiling applications. Lexan H6000 sheet provides environmentally responsible flame retardancy according the German DIN-VDE 0472 part 815 norm. Potential applications include sidewalls, tables and seating. Lexan F2000 sheet, available in transparent and translucent in opal white colors, is a flame retardant, light-weight product which can be an excellent choice for light diffusers and light covers. It can offer ease of processing, excellent formability and help achieve part integration of train ceiling with light diffusers. It complies with German DIN 5510 S4 SR2 ST2 norms at 3mm and meets the French NF F 16-101 M2, F2 rating at 2 – 8 mm.


Lexan™ Margard™ MR5FR sheet products are an excellent way to reduce railcar weight by replacing traditional glass. It offers excellent scratch resistance behavior combined with excellent chemical resistance properties. The product complies with the German rail standard DIN 5510 Part 2 S4-SR2-ST2 at 6mm and 8mm, the French rail standard NF F 16-101 M2, F2 rating at 3-8mm and the Italian rail standard CEI 11170 Class 1B, F2 rating at 9.5mm. Potential applications include transparent separation walls, cabin dividers and light covers. Lexan Margard MR5FR sheet is available in transparent or opal white colors.


Conference Information

InnotTrans Website

Dates: 18 – 21 September 2012

Venue: Messe Berlin GmbH, Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin, Germany

Booth: Hall 5.1, booth 228


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