Health and safety is always the priority for SABIC and we relentlessly safeguard our people as they continue to work. Comprehensive precautionary measures were implemented early and remain in place. Where possible, alternative methods of secure and reliable technologies ensure that we continue delivering products that meet our high standards and can engage effectively with our stakeholders. We have extended much support and resources to employees to help navigate these challenging times and enable them to contribute optimally while working remotely.


Globally, we established response teams who are working closely with our customers and stakeholders, taking every effort to ensure orders are fulfilled in a timely manner in line with national and local government guidance. The resilience and strength of our operations and supply chain put us in a strong position to meet the challenges facing the global economy and market during the remainder of 2020. Moreover, when needed, SABIC has rapidly supplied our customers with materials for the urgent production of frontline medical equipment.


We remain steadfast in our commitment to our stakeholders and communities. So far, our donations to help the global response to the pandemic have totaled more than USD 44 million. We have also committed to matching donations made by our employees to COVID-19 charities. In the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas; our donations are providing materials that are high in demand to manufacture sanitizers, medical equipment, preventive products and supplies for frontline medical and healthcare workers. We are reviewing these efforts periodically and exploring other geographies and ways where we can contribute to make a positive and meaningful impact. SABIC is actively supporting global, national and community responses, demonstrating our Chemistry that Matters™ in helping the world.


Today, the world is facing an unprecedented challenge with COVID-19. In these turbulent and uncertain times, healthcare and food security have become areas of critical concern across the globe. At SABIC, we are collaborating with our partners and providing much-needed materials to customers to help urgently develop innovative solutions to help address these pressing challenges. These include:


Essential workers such as cashiers at supermarkets, food service areas and pharmacies are exposed to hundreds of people every day. To safeguard their health, screen barriers and partition walls were designed to minimize their exposure.

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Surgical masks are being used by healthcare professionals and the general public in greater volumes since the COVID-19 outbreak. Did you know these disposal surgical masks as well as medical goggles, gowns, gloves and hair nets are made from plastics?



Providing a protective separation wall solution for covid-19 patients in hospitals, temporary clinics and long term care facilities. SABIC’s Functional Forms business has been working to bring its portfolio of leading edge materials to bear in glazing applications for over 40 years. Virtually unbreakable, high optical quality solid and multiwall LEXAN™ (PC) sheet products with highly specialized properties are often a top choice for answering the specific needs and providing protection to your most demanding applications. As companies are looking for protective materials connecting to hospitals and other medical facilities, such as separation walls, partition walls and screen barriers, our multiwall portfolio can offer a solution connecting to that.



As governments and health authorities across the world raced to speed-build hospitals to house coronavirus patients, we collaborated with our customers in the building & construction industries to enable them to lay key infrastructures such as pipes for water and gas that are easy to assemble, and anti-bacterial cladding sheets to serve as hygienic and safe partitions for internal surfaces. SABIC recently launched a non-chlorinated and non-brominated opaque sheet, LEXAN™ CLINIWALL™ AC620. The new solution is designed to provide a hygienic, sanitary solution for interior surfaces for industries that need greater infection prevention and sanitation control. The launch comes as the rising need for infection prevention and sanitation control across the world continues to increase. SABIC’s full integration across the value chain allows the company to develop robust solutions that help meet customers’ needs. Typical industries for the solution include hospitals, clinics, homes for the elderly, primary care centers, sterile rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, industrial kitchens, storage rooms and refrigeration facilities, schools, restrooms, airports, bus stops, train stations and sports centers.




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