Design and engineering services

Specialty Film & Sheet business operates a worldwide network of research, manufacturing and technical service facilities. With ISO-certified manufacturing sites across the world, the company serves customers around the world in a broad spectrum of industries and applications. As a business unit of SABIC, Specialty Film & Sheet benefits from global technical centers in the USA, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Korea and India. These centers offer hands-on engineering and technical support ranging from correct material selection to characterization of mechanical, thermal, UV/heat aging data. In addition, they provide advanced light measurements, optical modeling, part design and installation guidelines. The company also offers a local team along with a complete supply chain and distribution organization to ensure our customers have a reliable source of materials wherever their manufacturing site is located.

For architects, contractors and installers around the world, SABIC’s Specialty Film & Sheet business offers technical support in designing buildings with polycarbonate sheet. From the conceptual design phase to actual result, we offer assistance in: 

Audience Services


Design / consultancy service

Product advice

Main contractor or engineering office

Computer analysis

Prediction of sheet behavior during loading

Sub-contractor or installer

Fixing details

Glazing profile design

Installation guidelines



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