Insulators, Shielding & Printed Circuits

SABIC offre la pellicola LEXAN™ per isolatori, schermature e circuiti stampati.

Electrical films from SABIC offer a low-cost, lightweight solution to both primary and secondary shielding whilst providing UL recognition. They are commonly used for die-cut insulators and spacers in a wide range of electrical applications. Typical properties include good temperature resistance, chemical resistance and processability as well as ease of fabrication and compatibility with many fastening and laminating adhesives.

Lexan™ electrical films can be easily thermoformed into complex, three dimensional parts or cold-formed. A combination of low moisture absorption, high temperature resistance and resistance to a broad range of organic solvents and chemical detergents makes these films a popular choice for printed circuit board applications.


Products for Insulators, Shielding & Printed Circuits

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