SABIC Launches New LEXAN XHR Sheet Grade & Film Product


To help global aerospace customers comply with increasingly stringent standards for flame-smoke-toxicity (FST) performance of interior aircraft components, SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business announced today at the Aircraft Interiors Show in SABIC’s booth in Hall B, Booth #5B31, an important expansion of its industry leading LEXAN™ XHR  sheet portfolio. The company’s new  super low gloss LEXAN XHR 6005 sheet brings velvet texture aesthetics after thermoforming for interior applications and the new LEXAN XHR A13 film adds robustness in multilayer laminate constructions used in decorative interior applications. These industry-leading solutions  not only meet demanding performance requirements, but also demonstrate SABIC’s on-going investment in advanced materials technologies and the company’s commitment to helping aircraft OEMs meet the critical challenges of weight-out, regulatory compliance, sustainability and improved flying experience. 


“These new material solutions from SABIC are examples of our proactive efforts to help customers stay ahead of increasing design and system cost reduction requirements,” said Jack Govers, general manager, Specialty Film & Sheet, SABIC. “Our new low gloss LEXAN XHR sheet grade not only provides design flexibility, custom color and excellent processing characteristics, it also meets stringent safety and regulatory requirements. Our innovative materials are clearly making a great addition to our aircraft portfolio, enabling SABIC to deliver several performance properties and benefits to our customers, helping lower their part costs and helping boost their productivity.”


Full compliance with Ohio State University (OSU) and FST standards avoids time-consuming material waivers


With its extremely low heat release, LEXAN XHR 6000 sheet series can deliver superior weight-out of up to 12 percent vs. traditional PVC/PMMA products for better fuel economy while fully complying with the Ohio State University (OSU) 65/65 standard, FST requirements (FAR25.853) of major airlines for seating, cockpit linings, window surrounds, door shrouds, and other interior components. LEXAN XHR 6000 sheet is also qualified for Airbus AIMS04-06-001 material specification and can be color-matched in sheet and resin form for color coordinated thermoformed and injection-molded parts.  Available in more than 250 colors, LEXAN XHR sheet can reduce production costs, eliminate paint and withstand punishment in high-abuse applications.  The product has improved texture retention and can be thermoformed at lower temperatures than traditional products, enabling the use of lower-cost tooling. All of these advantages, including low gloss finish, can help our customers lower their part cost and boost their productivity.


The sky is the limit for new design options

Another newly developed product solution, LEXAN XHRA13 Film provides engineers and product developers a film grade with performance attributes of LEXAN XHR sheet that helps maintain and build  robustness in multilayer lamination constructions that can be used for sidewall panels, ceiling, galleys, aisle facings, lavatory walls, premium seating,  door linings and partitions.  Available in gauges between 2-7mils, LEXAN XHR film complies with the following FAR 25.853 regulation, and smoke density and heat release requirements:

  • Vertical burn test – FAR 25.853 (a) Appendix F Part I (60 Sec. Vertical Burn)
  • Vertical burn test – FAR 25.853 (a) Appendix F Part I (12 Sec. Vertical Burn)
  • Heat release – (OSU 65/65) and FAR 25.853 (d) Appendix F Part IV
  • Smoke density –Airbus ABD0031
  • Toxicity requirements – Boeing BSS7239


LEXAN XHR film provides improved burn performance, toughness, and lower weight compared to traditional glass reinforced backing layer used in multilayer lamination.  The product may be used as an adhesive for ULTEM™ foam or as backing layers for fabrics for added performance. It may also be considered for other film applications requiring strict OSU heat release compliance, vertical burn performance, low smoke generation and toughness. 

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